Benefits of Vitmain B12 for Hair Care

Your hair care routine is on point, you are taking time out to give your hair all the nourishment it needs, with all the right ingredients. But did you know that there’s one fundamental ingredient that plays an integral role in making and breaking your hair, quite literally? And it often goes unnoticed until it becomes noticeable with hair fall.

You guessed it right, VITAMIN!

Most specifically, Vitamin B12 for hair.

While our body requires trace amounts of it, Vitamin B12 for hair still becomes an essential part of your hair growth and nourishment. Our body can’t produce a healthy head full of hair without access to the proper ratio of certain vitamins, including vitamin B12.

So, what’s the big deal around Vitamin B12 and Hair? Before that, we need to understand vitamin B12 and their role for our hair, in depth.

Why is Vitamin B12 Important?

Vitamin B12 is known as Cobalamin – a B complex group of water-soluble vitamins that plays a key role in metabolism.

Our hair is made of a protein called keratin which is a cluster of dead cells but the hair follicles, located just under the surface of your skin, are very much alive and are made up of the fastest growing cells in the human body, dividing every 23 to 72 hours.

These hair follicles have blood vessels, which help in delivering the oxygen and nutrients necessary for hair growth. That’s where the water-soluble vitamin B12 for hair growth primarily helps in the formation of red blood cells that are rich in oxygen which helps feed your hair follicles and this, in turn, helps in the growth of nourished hair.

So now that we know B12 for hair growth helps produce red blood cells, having enough of this vitamin is essential to the hair growth process.

Some other hair benefits of Vitamin B12 you must know!

  • Makes your hair soft and shinier: Vitamin B12 works its charm by bringing back the natural shine to your hair and help counter UV exposure.
  • Balances pH levels and oil Production: Vitamin B12 helps moisturize your hair thereby helping in balancing the pH levels and controlling oil production which control hair fall .
  • Improves your hair’s scalp health: Since Vitamin B12 is anti-inflammatory on scalp, conditions like Seborrheic dermatitis, Vitamin B12 works as a layer of protection against dry and itchy scalp and helps heal infections.
  • Maintains the natural hair colour: Vitamin B12 helps retain the natural colour of your hair. It fights against those impurities that cause premature greying and ageing of your hair.
  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms

    Deficiency of B12 affects your hair. The deficiency usually occurs when the stores run low, and several symptoms start manifesting.

    These include:

  • Hair loss
  • Weakness and Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Tingling of the hands and feet
  • Bleeding gums and numbness around the mouth
  • Issues with menstrual cycle
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Irregular heartbeat or palpitations
  • Smooth and swollen tongue
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands
  • Even though we know that B12 is good for hair, the vitamins are not needed in high amounts. As B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, it stores the needed vitamin to be replenished regularly. That’s why following a proper diet that’s rich in vitamins and minerals becomes essential.

    Does Vitamin B12 Deficiency Cause Hair Loss?

    Yes, but not entirely.

    Hair fall is one of the most common problems and it affects millions of people. Deficiency of proteins, Vitamin-E and B complex is considered as one of the major causes of hair fall. Our hectic and stressful lifestyle is one of the major problems which adds to the problem of hair fall.

    Hair loss also occurs due to stress, improper diet and not meeting our daily hydration needs, hormonal changes, pollution, and excessive heat styling.

    To make sure, check your B12 levels to identify whether there is indeed a deficiency of the vitamin that is causing hair loss.

    If you are experiencing hair loss and suspect that B12 deficiency may be the culprit, do consult your doctor. There are many different types of hair loss and only a medical professional can determine the exact cause.

    Apart from this, adding a product that has ingredients rich in Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin E can play a vital role in achieving visible results of nourished smooth hair with minimal hair fall.

    Foods Rich in Vitamin B12

    Food like eggs, green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds are rich in Vitamin B12 and they can help in providing your hair the nutrition it needs.

    The human body doesn’t naturally produce vitamin B12, so it’s essential to get this nutrient from your diet. To up your intake or maintain levels, try including oily fish, meats, eggs, milk, yogurt, and cheese in your daily diet. Soya products have also been proven to have no significant levels of B12, fortified soya milk can provide the vitamin to you.

    The vitamin doesn’t exist in plant-based foods, so vegans and vegetarians can talk to their doctors about adding B12 supplements or B12-fortified foods to their diet.

    Optimal recommended dosing of vitamin B12 varies by age, lifestyle, and dietary needs. So, consult a doctor for the right dosing recommendation. For better hair health, it’s always recommended to include foods rich in Vitamin B12 in your daily diet .

    So, Get Your B-12 Rich Diet Ready!

    Following, including and tracking the right amount of diet and supplements can be a little taxing. But thankfully, you can add Pantene 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner to your hair care routine for nourished hair. Infused with Fermented Water and Signature Provitamin B5 formula, it reduces hair fall* and nourishes your hair.

    We hope this blog helps your understanding of Vitamin B12 better when it comes to taking care of your hair, and you take the appropriate steps to avoid hair fall in the long run. Stay nourished, stay free of hair fall worries and stay stylish!

    *due to breakage vs. non-conditioning shampoo

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