Protein Hair Treatments – Everything You Must Know

If you are one of the folks who believe that lengthy hair care treatments are not worth it and are often too expensive, then you are missing out on the best your hair deserves.

With many popular hair care treatments available at salons, one of the most popular and practical hair treatments are ‘Protein Hair Treatments’.

Nowadays, protein hair treatments favour a variety of hair textures. They are affordable and have many benefits attributed to them. From improving the look and feel of your tresses to adding gloss and shine, protein treatments can be highly beneficial for your mane.

If you have done protein treatments yourself or are thinking about getting one.

Here is everything that you must know about protein treatments for hair.

1. What are protein hair treatments?

If we do a breakdown of hair strands, it is built up by tightly bound protein as a building blocks, more specifically the protein involved is ‘Keratin’.

Keratin and amino acids are essential components as protein for hair.

Hair is prone to damage and needs the right routine in order to remain healthy and free of any buildup. Protein hair treatments are essential for giving your hair a break.

This is mainly due to protein loss from hair fiber. This leads to frizziness, roughness, split ends and dry ends, especially in curly hair.

Protein hair treatments target this protein loss and help lock in keratin and amino acids.

Hair treatment types like Keratin and Cysteine treatments chemically smooth the hair by restoring the keratin bonds within your hair. This creates a sleeker texture and keeps your strands stronger.

Keratin treatments also use heat to seal the surface of your hair and prevent protein loss in the future. They do so by giving your hair a new, stronger protein bond underneath.

Just make sure you opt for formaldehyde-free options and choose an experienced hair technician to avoid causing heat damage to your tresses.

2. What are the benefits of protein hair treatments?

1. Nourishes with glossy shine and softens hair:

By the end of the treatment, you won’t stop touching your hair as it will be blessed with silk-like smoothness.

2. Offers additional strength to hair strands:

The keratin in the layers of your hair strands get added nourishment which in-turn strengthens the hair.

3. Makes your hair look thicker and longer:

Nourished hair layer means thicker that offers more volume to your hair.

4. Repairs damage done by heat and environmental factors:

The hair damaged by excessive heat treatment and heat blow-drying also gets repaired as the protein fill in the damaged hair strands.

5. Significant reduction hairfall due to breakage:

Since the hair is less damaged there are fewer chances of breakage there lesser hairfall by breakage and too further strengthen your protein treatment routine you can wash off with our Advanced Hairfall Control Range from Pantene 2in1 Silky Smooth Care for extra silky and nourished locks!

3. When do you need protein hair treatment?

Protein treatment done more often can do more harm than good. All you need to do is look out for is certain indicative signs when protein treatments might be required like

1. Loss of elasticity:

Take a small strand and slowly stretch it with your fingers and release. If the strands can revert back to their original state or don't break apart, your hair is at a healthy state.

2. Excessive hair breakage:

This happens when your strands lack protein, and in turn, you notice a lot of shedding on the hairbrush. Anything more than the normal 100 strands a day should be a cause for concern.

3. Rough and stringy texture:

If your hair is usually flat and droopy, you are probably dealing with protein loss.

4. High porosity:

Take your hair strand and put on top of water, if the strand of hair sinks right away in a glass of water, you have high-porosity hair. High-porosity hair tends to have gaps and tears, which makes them vulnerable to damage. A protein treatment will help fill these gaps and protect them from tangling or frizzing too much.

5. Colour damage:

Colour treatment can also make your hair highly porous, using hair colour with protein treatments can help maintain the strength and vibrancy of the hair colour.

We recommend that people who want protein treatments done at salons should do them once every 6 months in order to avoid excessive or unnecessary chemical exposure. When it comes to hair masks, you can always use at-home hair masks whether your tresses need it or not.

As a hair fall control remedy, along with the best protein hair treatments choose the best anti-hairfall shampoo to avoid hairfall* due to breakage with PANTENE 2in1 Silky Smooth Care that can transform dull, dry and brittle hair into velvet smooth hair.

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!

All references on this page to *Strength, **Hairfall and ***Breakage refer to *strength against surface damage, **hairfall due to breakage vs. non-conditioning shampoo and ***breakage vs non-conditioning shampoo respectively.