Who doesn't want to ace those hair goals? Wouldn't it be amazing for us to do all the styling we want and not have to hunt down a solution on how to stop hair fall? Well, that is a dream and hair treatments are the ones which make it come true.

We girls know that if we want to treat our hair related issues, we need a great hair treatment. And the options available are many. If you are the au natural girl, you can do a hair treatment at home to treat your hair thinning or frizzy hair. Or if you’re the diva you are, you can hop down to the nearest salon for that permanent silky-smooth hair look. Either way, your hair needs that extra TLC, no matter what your hair type maybe. The best hair treatments help you enrich your hair with protein, that's the one thing that your hair craves to feel healthy and not encounter hair related issues.

That said, every hair has a different texture and hence demands hair care specific to the problem it is facing. So, let's discuss hair treatments for different hair issues and find the best hair treatment for you.


The thin hair issue can pop out due to two reasons: lifestyle or Genetics. Lifestyle habits like styling hair too much, tying hair too tight, using a lot of styling products, or due to some deficiency leads to thinning of hair and it damages your hair to a greater extent. Thin hair is prone to breakage and that leads to hair fall. But it can be easily treated in the best hair fall treatment without harming your hair or its growth.

So how can one take control of hair fall and hair thinning?

  • Consuming necessary vitamins and overcoming your deficiencies can help you get rid of thin hair. While that's on the inside, you can nourish your hair ol from the outside with the Pro-vitamin B5 hair diet in our Hairfall Control range - the best hair fall treatment to take control of hair fall without extra efforts.

  • Massaging your scalp in circular motions and applying essential oils can also help you say goodbye to your thin hair. If you’re not an oily hair fan, try a deep conditioning Pantene hair treatment like the Pantene Open Hair Miracle. Its acts as an oil replacement, nourishing your hair thus reducing hair thinning and hair fall problems.

  • Using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair can be the best hair fall treatment you can get. Finding a suitable anti-thinning / anti hair fall hair shampoo and sticking to it consistently can give you magnificent results, just like our Pantene Advanced Hair Fall Solution.

The Pantene Advanced Hair fall Solution range is a blessing in disguise to your thin hair. It reduces hair fall, amplifying hair growth which is thick and shiny, making it your go-to anti hair fall shampoo and conditioner ever.


Is your hair feeling lifeless? Does your hair seem stressed with all the heat styling you've been doing? If you've started to face split ends, hair fall or any other hair related issue, this is a sign to take a hair fall treatment before it's too late. No, you don't need to take a styling sabbatical but reducing regular styling and switching to a hair fall treatment that can take control of hair fall and other damages will help! Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner is an overall guide to your damaged hair, and it provides total repair to it with every wash. It's ingredients - Fermented Rice Water and Pro-Vitamin B5 formula blend together to revive your hair to as good as new, cutting out the split ends and chances of hair fall coming your way. It protects your hair from all the styling damage and hair breakage and nourishes your hair from root to tip, giving it an amazing healthy look.


Dry hair and dry scalp is a big no-no. Dry hair is a symptom - a sign that hair fall problems are approaching. But ever wondered why does your hair feel dry? Well, simply put, your hair lacks moisture and feels de-nourished. It craves moisture aka vitamins to enliven it. But all is not lost.

There are a few hair care treatments you can resort to keep your hair well moisturized and nourished, while reducing hair fall.

  • Apply hair masks from time to time. Hair masks are a great way to regain moisture and give you hair a healthier and stronger look.

  • Add essential nutrients to your diet, be it food intake or hair care. Eating food that is rich in vitamins help your hair grow naturally beautiful from within, while for a healthy hair look on the outside, you have Pantene Advanced Hair Fall Solution shampoo with its Pro-vitamin B5 formula. You can try the Pantene Silky Smooth variant for dry hair.

  • Apply hair oil - but we know not everyone likes it. What you need is a revolutionary product that can moisturise your hair and nourish it throughout to reduce dryness for good, without the stickiness. Our Pantene hair treatment is exactly that. It is an oil replacement and can be used before or after shampoo! It gives you the most lustrous hair and also repairs the damage caused by products for hair styling.

  • Use the right products. Deep conditioning your hair with a good conditioner and keeping your hair clean and nourished which helps it keep moisturised. Pantene Open Hair Miracle Conditioner which can be used as a deep conditioning product that helps you take control of hair fall.


Coloured hair becomes easily prone to breakage and falling. It becomes very weak and difficult to manage. Using hair products that control the hair fall damage and nourishes the colour treated hair as much as non-coloured hair is of extreme importance! You’re lucky because Pantene offers a wide range of Advanced Hairfall Solution with Pro-vitamin formula that can help you keep your hair nourished and healthy and shiny.

Pantene Silky Smooth Care Range or the Pantene Total Damage Care Range as an ultimate solution for your colour treated hair. These will give your hair the perfect shine and is soft enough on hair avoiding the hair damage that follows, even hair fall.


Going to a party and forgot to wash your greasy hair? Well, with Pantene you will not have to wash it every time you go out. Getting ready for a party itself is a big task and washing hair before everything just adds up to it. Greasy hair also contains oil and dirt that harms the growth of your hair to a greater extent. It makes it difficult for the hair to get nourished and ultimately leads to hair fall. The causes of hair fall are undefined but Pantene has got you covered under all circumstances!

The Pantene Lively Clean Shampoo is a powerful solution for your greasy hair. It makes it easier for you to wash it and gets rid of all the oil and dirt in a go. It cleanses the scalp and hair and gives a boost to your hair growth with its Pro-vitamin formula. So that you can flaunt your hair without holding back.


Isn’t frizzy hair difficult to manage? Well, it is nothing but the irregular texture of your hair that occurs due to different climatic changes or styling. To a lot of people, frizzy hair becomes a major problem related to hair but a lot of people do not know how it can be solved. There are a few ways which can be looked while dealing with this hair related problem -

  • Hair masks - Applying a combination of products can nourish your hair and smoothen it making it less frizzy and difficult to manage.

  • Oil and conditioner - deep conditioning your hair using coconut oil and a good conditioner are also necessary to get rid of frizzy hair and make it shinier. One such effective Pantene Hair Treatment is the Pantene Hairfall Control Conditioner. Applying it on your hair lengths, strengthens your hair till the tips, giving your tresses the right amount of moisture it's been craving for.

  • Right shampoo and conditioner along with it a good serum always nourishes your hair well. It will also moisturise it well making it less frizzy and easy to manage. In this case, we recommend the Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo + Conditioner to take control of the frizziness and nourish your hair the right way. And if you're looking for a great serum, you can count on our Open Hair Miracle. A 4in1 benefit product that deep nourishes your hair as a serum, acts as a heat protectant before heat styling, leave in conditioner and oil replacement. What else can a girl ask for!

So, now you know your BFF - Pantene is hair for every hair care worry, from hair fall problems to how to condition for dry hair, it's time to take your pick. Remember to always stick to the Shampoo + Conditioner, followed by Deep Conditioner routine to give your hair the ultimate anti hair fall treatment its been waiting for.

Keep your hair strong and shiny and celebrate the joy of healthy hair with Pantene

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!