How To Pick The Best Anti-hair Fall Shampoo And Use It


So, your hair fall stalks you everywhere you go? And you’re desperately hunting for the hair fall solution of your dreams? There maybe a thousand hair fall worries running across your mind, right now. “What is the best hair fall solution?”, “Can an anti-hair fall shampoo solve my hair fall problem?” and so on. Getting the right solution for taking control of hair fall, can be one big dilemma. Then again, what are we here for?

Our in-house team of experts are here to get the hair fall problem out of your hair and tell you all you need to know on ‘How to control hair fall with hair fall products?

Better grab a seat, and kick back. By the end of this, your hair and you will be having a happy anti hair fall shampoo ending.


Gone are those days when hair shampoos only did the job of cleansing the dirt in your hair. Now, hair shampoos are assigned to hair problems and consist of nutrients to let you achieve that lustrous, healthy hair. When it comes to a hair fall shampoo, here’s what you can expect:

  • 1. Nourishes your hair

    These days, a good hair fall shampoo isn’t just made to solve your hair fall problems. Rather, it is infused with nutrients to work its way from within. Using the right anti hair fall shampoo can come to your rescue and provide nourishment to strengthen your hair follicles, inside out. Thus, reducing the chances of increased hair fall.

  • 2. Comes to the hair fall rescue

    Here’s something every hair fall victim can relate to. Every time they see a fallen hair strand, only one thing comes to their mind is – “How to stop hair fall?” In this case, running to the doctor for a solution doesn’t necessarily have to be the remedy. Using a nourishing hair fall shampoo can relatively reduce hair fall and end your worries for good.

  • 3. Gives you that lustrous hair you dreamt of

    At times, hair fall problems don’t come alone. They come with a whole lot of split-ends and damaged hair tips due to the overuse of heat styling products. You might feel torn on choosing between a hair repair shampoo or a hair fall solution.

    Well, our experts say a nourishing hair fall shampoo does both. It can be your holy grail on how to stop hair fall and fixing your damaged hair. Why? Hair fall shampoos are composed of enriching ingredients like vitamins that strengthen your roots and let the nutrients work its way right to the hair tips.

    Now that you know what an enriching anti-hair fall shampoo can do, let’s tell you how to pick the right one.


In a sea of shampoos to control hair fall, only a few do the job. So, how does one know if the new promising hair fall shampoo you are picking up is going to work miracles? Simple! Follow our experts 2 commandments and you’re already halfway there.

  1. Know your hair fall problem

    If you’re having severe hair loss i.e., losing more than 50 to 100 hair strands a day, be sure to go to the dermatologist while you can. But if your hair fall problem is milder than that, you’ve hair fall shampoos to take control of hair fall.

    Some hair fall shampoos stimulate hair growth and work best for ones who are looking to not just reduce hair fall but also cover the thinning of hair.

    While shampoos that help protect your hair follicles and ensure they remain strong and healthy as they are, could be a hair fall solution for those who are beginning to see hair fall symptoms.

  2. Get to know your hair type

    Never took the time to understand your hair type, texture and what it really needs? It’s never too late. Not matching a hair fall solution to your type of hair could worsen matters.

    If your hair is thicker and curly, you need a rich, hydrating shampoo that can not just provide your hair moisture to tame those locks but also stops hair fall.

    For medium to thin hair, it is always recommended to use a mild, clear shampoo that strengthens your hair from within and knows exactly how to stop hair fall, just like the Pantene Hairfall Control shampoo.

  3. What’s in my hair fall solution?

    A good hair fall shampoo is enriched with vitamins and proteins, 2 things that your hair consumes to live its full, healthy life.

    A rich in vitamin shampoo can turn around your hair health and reduce hair fall at the same time. Much like the Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution range. It has the power of Pro-vitamin B5 formula along with the ancient remedy of fermented rice water to reduce hair fall and give your more open hair days.


You’d be wondering, why do you need to know how to use a shampoo that takes control of hair fall. Truth be told, it’s no rocket science, but it does help in the longer run to stop hair fall.

Step 1 - Wet your hair

This we all know, but in case of a hair fall shampoo, it’s best to not have a hit and miss. When you dampen your hair before you apply your shampoo, ensure to check if all parts of your hair has been thoroughly made wet.

When you skip a part, and use just shampoo, the excess of it concentrated on one spot can tend to dry your hair out along with your scalp.

Step 2 - Apply on your scalp and hair

Trivial as it sounds, this step plays a great role in shaping up your progress in how to control hair fall. So how to apply a shampoo that is a hair fall solution? Take just enough for your hair in your palm, rub it across the other palm. Now apply your hair fall shampoo on your hair shafts in circular motion and let it lather to the rest of your hair. But here’s the thing, don’t rub it through your hair lengths, this can lead to tearing your hair lengths. For nourishing your hair lengths, you can apply a conditioner post rinsing out the shampoo.

Step 3 - Rinse thoroughly, ensure you’re squeaky clean

The step we all rush in to and make the cardinal of not knowing how to use a shampoo. Once you have applied your shampoo on all sides of your hair shafts, rinse your hair thoroughly. Ensure you have covered every area to avoid residue and dryness. Don’t forget to rub your scalp with your fingers to get a thorough cleanse.


You’d think, how can an easy task like shampooing go wrong? Believe us you, most of us having been doing it wrong for a whole long time. There are common mistakes made while shampooing your hair that could do more damage than stopping hair fall.

#Mistake1: Washing your hair with hot piping water

Do you love that steaming hot water in the cold winters? This could be your biggest reason to causing hair fall. Just like heat styling, hot water is damaging to your hair and can weaken the hair follicles due to the extra heat effect. Still want a little warmth, you can use light warm water if necessary.

#Mistake2: Applying shampoo on your hair lengths and not your roots

If you didn’t know this, better read this on repeat. Shampoos are meant to applied on your scalp aka hair shafts while conditioners are for hair lengths. Your question of how to apply a shampoo right gets answered here. Always apply shampoo on your scalp in circular motions and let it work its way through your hair.

#Mistake 3: Not rinsing your hair thoroughly

We can’t stress enough on how important this is. Most of us are in the hustle of starting our day and hardly give this step time. We’d say to spend a few minutes rinsing the shampoo off thoroughly. You can escape the horrors of dry, damaged hair coming your way if residue is left back.

#Mistake 4: Diluting the shampoo

Guilty for doing this? It’s okay, we won’t judge. But let us tell you why doing this isn’t going to help you stop hair fall. Diluting your hair fall shampoo may reduce the impact it can bring right from the first hair wash. It lowers the effect of the pro-vitamins and nourishment that your hair deserves now more than ever.

#Mistake 5: Keeping the shampoo on for a few minutes

Often, we keep things on longer, thinking its effects will be stronger. But applying your shampoo and letting it soak in isn’t going to work extra magic. In fact, you should spend more time in circulating the shampoo on your hair shafts. The circular motion can help you stimulate the blood flow within and generate more hair growth, hence reducing hair fall.


Haven’t we heard ‘Less is More’? In this case, it actually is true. Using just enough as per your hair length and hair density can change your hair game. In fact, it even helps reduce hair fall drastically.

Curly, thick hair requires more shampoo, but for thin hair, not more than a walnut size amount is needed. Your dampened hair will lather and do the rest for you. Remember, excess shampoo = dryness leading to damaged, broken hair.

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