Missing the salon-style hair? Do the hair spa at home!

Be it beating the Monday blues or preparing for a girls’ night out on the weekends, your perfect hair always helps you to shine bright. But sometimes it is impossible to hit the salons. We all love natural ways to get healthier hair and what is better than getting a natural hair spa at home? All these hair-care routines and remedies take time, and with all this work pressure and chores in action, we understand how difficult it is to maintain a proper hair-care routine. But don’t you worry girl, we have got you covered with the best hair spa tips at home that won’t take that long but will give you the best results in no time.

A] What is a Hair Spa?

Hair Spa is basically a relaxation therapy for your hair. Some remedies and treatments follow proper cleansing of your hair to rejuvenate and protect it. It starts by applying some oil to the hair, followed by shampoo and some hair masks. If you have curly hair, we understand how annoying the frizz can be, and if you have straight hair, it can be a bit tough to manage. So, what happens when you can’t go to the hair salons all the time? You follow these super easy steps to get the hair spa done at home!

B] At-Home Hair Spa Tips

1. Give your hair a massage

Take some hot oil and apply it to the dry hair. Spread it nicely so that it reaches your roots, moisturizing every inch of your hair. Give your hair a good massage and let the oil set slowly. Hair massages not only increase blood circulation but also make your hair healthier and increase growth. You can opt for a hassle-free oil replacement like Pantene Open Hair Miracle and get the same benefit as an oil massage.

2. Take a deep hair steam

After you’re done with oiling, get some warm water and dip your towel in it. Squeeze the excess water and wrap the towel around your head. Press the towel slowly from the edges. Leave it for 5-6 mins (take a quick 5 min nap). It allows the oil to set and penetrate the scalp. The moist heat promotes hair growth and keeps your gorgeous hair hydrated.

3. Wash it out

Now that the oil is all set, it is time to deep cleanse your hair. You can use shampoos from the Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution Range based on hair type. Pantene helps reduce hair fall and gives your hair the bounce it deserves. While you’re preparing for a healthier hair care routine with this natural hair spa at home, it’s important to have the perfect anti-hair fall shampoo with it. Take a cold-water/warm shower only as extremely hot water ends up making the hair weaker. You can also try the Pantene 2in1 range which gives the benefit of shampoo & conditioner in one bottle.

4. Condition your hair

Once you’re done cleaning your hair with the shampoo, use Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution Conditioners to moisturize and condition your hair.

Take the desired amount and apply it over your hair lengths. You can also use the water of tea leaves post the shampoo as it is rich in vitamins and helps in moisturizing your hair. Post the hair wash, take a pea-sized Pantene Open Hair Miracle and apply it to your damp hair for that extra nourishment. Pro-Tip: Always condition your hair after every wash to maintain your hair health thereby reducing hair fall caused due to breakage and dry hair knots. You can try the Pantene 2in1 product in case you want to skip the conditioner.

And voila! You are ready to rock and roll at any event you want. This natural hair spa at home will not just help you with hair growth but will also help in the nourishment of your hair. Be it hair fall problems or dry hair issues, this small session of hair spa at home is just what you need amidst your busy life. To treat your hair with the best products, try out the Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution range that has the Pro-Vitamin B5 formula which gives your hair the freedom it deserves.

So, the next time you’re out there looking for a hair fall remedy, make sure you try out this easy hair spa at the home trick and give your hair the best care it can have!

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!