Tips to Control Hair Fall in Summer

It’s that time of the year when your strands grow thin in fear. Oh, my dear, we did hear, and this is why we’re here.

Summer is back and so are your concerns and anxieties related to hair fall and understandably so. Summer heat is unforgiving, especially to your scalp and hair follicles which could further lead to hair fall. If you often find yourself asking ‘how to control hair fall in summer?’ and ‘How to stop hair fall in summer?’ You have come to the right place. Let us now look at what makes summer the worst season for your scalp health and hair fall problems.

  1. Why do you experience hair fall in summer?
  2. How to tackle hair fall in summer?
  3. Summer hair care tips
  4. FAQs on Hair fall and Summer

A] Why do you experience hair fall in summer?

The summer sun as beautiful as it looks on Instagram pictures; in reality, it’s very harsh for your hair. The magnitude of sun’s UV rays increases during the summer and when your scalp is directly exposed to these rays, it gets dehydrated resulting in dull and dry hair, which further makes them brittle and more prone to hair fall.

Summer aka swimming season can also cause damage to your hair because the presence of harmful chemicals like chlorine in the swimming pool. Apart from that summer sweat also invites dandruff & greasy hair especially when you don’t wash your hair that often or can result in dryness of you wash your hair too frequently without using the conditioner.

While causes of hair fall could range from harsh sunlight to chlorine in the swimming pool to poor hair hygiene, let’s jump to ways to tackle hair fall in summer.

B] How to tackle hair fall in summer?

So how to control hair fall in the summer sun, maintain good scalp health and avoid hair fall? To stop hair fall in summer there are some tried and tested methods which you could apply. Let’s have a look.

1. Wear protection:

A great way to tackle the summer heat would be to cover your hair whenever you step out in the sun. Get yourself some summer hats and scarves for your summer outgoings. This would protect your hair from direct sunlight and what a stylish way to battle hair fall in summer.

2. Check your hydration levels:

As much as it is important to take the exterior measures, it is equally important to keep in check the nutritional measures as well. Summer is majorly responsible for dehydration, as a result, a lot of the water is soaked away from your body, water is responsible for the well-being of your scalp and when you don’t have enough water in your body your hair suffers from it. It is important that you drink plenty of water in summer to ensure the well-being of your hair scalp.

3. Get proper nutrients:

To ensure proper hair hygiene and avoid hair fall , it is important that you eat healthily in summer. Eat a lot of protein in summer and avoid excess carbs. You need to avoid processed food as well as it contains bad carbs and a lot of sugar which is not only bad for your scalp but your overall health as well.

4. Avoid heat styling tools:

This goes without saying that excess usage of heat styling tools like hair dryers and hair straighteners would damage your hair regardless. But you should be extra careful with using styling tools during summer. Your hair already faces excess heat during summer and adding heat tools on top of that would definitely not help. So, avoid heat styling tools as much as you can during the summer.

C] Summer Hair Care Tips

The tips that are mentioned above are the ones that you need to absolutely make sure of. But apart from that, it is also necessary that you have a proper summer hair care routine. If you don’t have one. Don’t worry we got this covered for you.

Pantene products are designed to ensure that you are hair fall-proof all throughout the year and summers are no different. Here’s the routine we think you should follow using our Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution range. So you get a better understanding of how to control hair fall in summer? and How to stop hair fall in summer for good?.

1. Find a good summer shampoo and use it every day:

Sweat from excessive heat damages your scalp more frequently in summer. Summer is closely related to hair fall and hair damage, therefore, we recommend that you use Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution shampoo to control hair fall every day in summer it has Pro-vitamin B5 which makes it the ultimate hair fall solution. In case you have a dry scalp, we recommend that you at least shampoo every alternate day.

2. Use a conditioner every time you shampoo:

Conditioners are to be used along with the shampoo with every wash. After you are done shampooing your hair. It becomes vulnerable and requires a protection layer and conditioners are just that. Finding the right conditioner for your shampoo is also advisable. If you use Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution Shampoo, make sure that you always apply the Advanced Hairfall Solution Conditioner after, for optimum results.

3. Get the right Hair Serum:

We often hear that it is always better to oil massage your hair. But oils are known for retaining a lot of heat. And during summer when it’s already so hot outside oiling your hair might not be the best advice. Instead, we recommend finding the right kind of hair serum for your hair. If you are currently suffering and want to stop hair fall problems our recommendation would be Pantene Open Hair Miracle, which is an advanced hair serum that comes with all the essential benefits of hair oil.

D] Frequently Asked Questions on Hair fall and Summer

Q: How often should I wash my hair in summer?
A: You should ideally wash your hair six out of the seven weekdays. In case you suffer from dry scalp you should wash your hair every alternate day in summers.

Q: Does diet affect my hair?
A: Yes, diet plays a major role in the overall health of your hair. Especially in summer when you need more protein intake to ensure better hair growth and hair strength.

Q: What makes Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution kit a better choice?
A: Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution kit is the ultimate hair fall control solution because of its advanced Pro-Vitamin B5 formula & Fermented Rice Water. It is designed to tackle all forms of hair-related problems.


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