Causes and Remedies for Hairfall in Summer

We know you’ve got that summer feeling! That summer feeling of letting your hair out from the clutches of scrunchies and braids, just to dissipate that sweltering heat of summer!

Well, hair fall during summer is back and so are your concerns related to hair fall. The heat from the summers can be overbearing, especially for your scalp and hair follicles which can further trigger hair fall.

If you find yourself locked in the depths of the internet searching for, ‘how to control hair fall in summer?’ and ‘How to stop hair fall in summer?’, you have come to the right place. Let’s start by looking at what makes summer the worst season for your scalp health and hair fall problems.

A] Reasons for hair fall in Summer

The summer sun is not as gentle as it seems, long term exposure to sun rays can be very harsh for your hair. During the summer season, the intensity of sun rays increases, and the air around becomes less humid. When your scalp is directly exposed to these rays, it drains off the moisture on the scalp and hair strands which in turn causes dull and dry hair, this progresses to hair becoming more brittle and prone to hair fall.

Let’s not forget the sweat that accompanies high summer temperatures, hair fall in summer due to sweat can buildup dandruff & greasy hair, that’s why it’s recommended to wash your hair more frequently coupled with a conditioner to avoid the buildup of excessive oils on your scalp.

With the right hair care approach and by maintaining a good scalp, the cause of hair fall ranging from harsh sunlight to chlorine in the swimming pool to poor hair hygiene can be managed, so let’s jump to simpler ways to tackle the causes of hair fall in summer.

B] Hair Care Tips & Home Remedies To Stop Hair Fall In Summer

1. Protect your hair when you step out

A simple summer hair fall solution is to block the sun rays hitting directly on your hair by covering your hair whenever you step out in the sun. Amp up your summer style with some wide-brimmed summer hats and scarves whenever you step out.

2. Check your hydration levels:

Did you know? Water makes up almost 25% of the weight of a single strand of hair. In summer, our body is more likely to be dehydrated if proper hydration is not followed and this, in turn, halts hair growth. Water is a key ingredient that supports vitamins, and the flow of nutrients to the scalp which contributes to your hair growth and eliminates problems like dandruff. This way, the hair follicles stay moist, and the texture of the hair also improves.

It is important that you drink plenty of water in summer to ensure the well-being of your hair scalp. In summer, it is recommended to consume 2-3 liters of water daily.

3. Avoid heat-styling tools:

Avoid heat-styling tools as much as you can during the summer. Using heat styling tools like hairdryers and hair straighteners would do more damage to your hair, as your hair is already dry due to high temperatures and high humidity.

C] Get proper nutrients for hair fall free summer

Your hair is less likely to fall out if it’s nourished in the summer.

To ensure proper hair hygiene and avoid hair fall, it is important that you eat healthily in summer.

Your hair and scalp require the right amount of protein, calcium, and minerals. If all of these are available in the right quantity, they can be beneficial in controlling the hair fall during summer.

Eat a lot of protein-rich food in summer and avoid excess carbs. Make sure your diet is not deficient in iron or protein in the summer. You need to avoid processed food as well as it contains bad carbs and a lot of sugar which is not only bad for your scalp but your overall health as well.

• Add Nuts in foods like almonds, cashews and walnuts to stimulate hair growth. Consuming green leafy vegetables helps grow thicker hair follicles, and controls hair fall in summer.

• Dairy products are also a great source of Vitamin B7 which is known to fight hair loss.

• Eggs are another great source for hair growth and thickness. They are loaded with essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamin B12, iron, zinc and omega-6 fatty acids. This home remedy is used to accelerate hair growth and volume.

• Using fruit extracts and natural ingredients can make your mane healthy and nourish hair follicles.

Use your kitchen ingredients in order to be cost and time efficient. Consuming fruits regularly will ensure healthy, gorgeous, strong and thick hair naturally.

They include
-Aloe Vera: Natural ingredients like Aloe-Vera juice help control hair fall. During summer, your scalp may go dry leading to more hair fall. Aloe-Vera juice fights dryness and keeps the hair lustrous and the scalp moist.

-Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is nutrient-dense and it packs a lot of health-benefiting properties like Vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals that make your hair thicker and bouncier and help in fighting against all the hair weakening factors.

Eat them, drink them or simply apply them, these foods can do wonders for your hair and the results can be seen so quickly that you wouldn't want to let go of them!

Apart from your summer hair fixes and hairfall home remedies you can strengthen your hair with a proper haircare routine that includes the right shampoo and conditioner.

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*strength against surface damage

**due to breakage

Our Pantene products are designed to ensure that your hair is fall-proof all throughout the year and summers are no different. We hope you get a better understanding of how to control hair fall in summer.

We wish you a happy hair fall-free summer!

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