Summer Haircare routine to prevent hair fall

Summers are back and so is your search for hair fall reasons. With the humidity, heat, dust, etc. you might be wondering why these hair problems increase in summer and how to stop hair fall with a summer hair care routine? The important thing to remember is that the harmful rays of the sun not only damage your skin but also your hair. Hence, it is extremely important to take care of them with a proper summer hair care routine. Worry not, because this article will help you figure out the best summer hair care routine for your hair so that you can have fewer hair fall reasons and more open hair days! Before we move any further let’s look at the effects of summer on your hair.

  1. Effects of Summer on Hair
  2. Summer Hair Care Routine
  3. Hair Care Tips in Summer

A] Effects of the summer sun on hair

The harmful rays of the sun can have drastic effects on your hair. It can penetrate the cuticles of your hair, thereby damaging them from the inside and making them dry and brittle. This ultimately becomes one of the major hair fall reasons. Along with this, the heat of summer and the humidity present in the atmosphere causes your hair to become loose and lifeless. Not only that, the dust and sweat of summer leaves your hair with a lot of problems such as split ends, frizziness, and increased hair fall. Your hair might also feel greasy due to the excessive sweat, again thanks to summer.

With summer bringing so many problems, it is crucial for you to take the right steps towards summer hair care and protect your hair. A proper summer hair care routine is all you need to combat the various problems and stop your search for how to stop hair fall.

B] Summer Hair Care Routine

Now that we have learned about the various effects of the summer sun on your hair, let’s get down to the crux of the matter. Here’s the summer hair care routine that you need to follow :

  1. Use the right Shampoo:

  2. We know how relaxing and full of relief those summer shampoo can be. So, choose a shampoo that helps you fight hair fall and keeps your hair healthy. We recommend Pantene’s Advance Hairfall Solution - Hairfall Control shampoo as its Pro-Vitamin formula nourishes your hair from within and strengthens your hair against hair fall.

  3. Use the right conditioner:

  4. Summer brings humidity and that’s why it’s crucial to moisturize your hair and restore its life by using the right conditioner. We recommend using Pantene’s Advanced Hairfall Solution Conditioner, as its Pro-Vitamin formula nourishes your hair from root to the tip and moisturizes them completely, keeping humidity at bay!

  5. Slow down on the heat:

  6. Summer’s heat already makes your hair drier while the humidity saps its life away. Therefore, after washing your hair avoid using styling irons and curlers. If you still need to use them, make sure you wash your hair half an hour earlier so that it has enough time to dry. Furthermore, you can use Pantene Oil Replacement aka Pantene Open Hair Miracle to create a protective layer around your hair so the excessive heat from the heating tools does not damage your hair and you can style it up to your heart’s content.

  7. Use sun protection:

  8. Well, you cannot stay inside forever, so the best way to avoid a lot of sun damage after a good hair wash, is using sun protection for your hair. We recommend Pantene’s Open Hair Miracle as it can also be used as a leave-in conditioner. You can now keep frizz at bay and add shine and softness to dry hair by applying a pea-sized amount before you step out into the scorching sun.

  9. Get rid of those split ends:

  10. The tips of your hair face a lot of damage in summer and you end up with split ends and dry tips. To avoid further damage, make sure you get rid of those split ends by trimming your hair as and when required.

  11. Drink lots of fluids:

  12. Even if you follow the above hair care routine, you cannot achieve any benefits for your hair if you don’t drink enough fluids and eat healthy. Hence, remember to drink plenty of fluids and healthy foods in summer and keep yourself and your hair hydrated.

  13. Deep Conditioning:

  14. During summer, hair tends to get drier, thinner, and brittle. And if you step out in the sun, your hair needs even more attention. The perfect way to address this issue is to go for a deep conditioning treatment once a week with Pantene’s 4-in-1 Open Hair Miracle deep conditioning effect. Leave it on for 30 minutes to nourish your hair from root to the tip with its Pro-Vitamin Formula and Fermented Rice Water. Say bye-bye to damage and hello to more open hair days!

C] Hair care tips in summer

While we helped you crack the hair care routine in summer, it is also important to follow some hair care tips in summer as these will help you protect your hair against hair fall. Here are some summer tips for hair -

1. Use shampoo only on the scalp and not on the hair. When you wash your head, your hair will automatically get rinsed.

2. Go out less in the sun, when it is at its peak. If you have to, then remember to wear a scarf or a hat to protect your hair.

3. Include as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can in your diet - It will keep your hair healthy and hydrated. This is one of the essential tips in summer to control hair fall.

4. After washing your hair, do not rub them as they are more prone to breakage when wet. Try dry patting gently.

All in all, you can enjoy the warmth of summer without worrying about the various hair fall reasons and how to stop hair fall. Just follow the summer hair care routine along with summer tips for hair and you can style your hair in any way you want! This means bye-bye damage and hello beautiful hair, every day of the summer!


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