Understanding Reasons for Frizzy Hair

Everyone wants their hair to be gorgeous, shiny, frizz free and hair fall free, yet a lot of things can make it dull and wavy. Frizzy hair is difficult to manage and lacks gloss and lustre. Additionally, it can make you feel stressed out and less confident. When your hair is dry and lacking in moisture, this occurs. Understanding the reasons for frizzy hair is the first step in controlling it. Did you know the precise causes of frizzy hair? Confused? To help you avoid fizziness and flaunt the hair of your dreams with ease.

Main Causes of Frizzy Hair


The weather can be a cause for concern, the hotter and humid the weather, the more care and attention your hair requires, here’s why - That very moment when you plan to step out for a summer vacation, you know you cannot dare to leave your hair open, you rely on hairstyles that hide your hair caused by the humidity. If you have dry hair the problem just escalates as the hair cuticles lack moisture, so they begin absorbing the moisture from the air and swell.

Using hot water to wash hair

The similar impact as humidity can be produced when you wash your hair in really hot water. It strains your scalp, which creates healthy oils, and your hair. You should avoid anything that can strip your hair of the essential oils it so sorely requires because you already know that dryness can result in frizz. Because of this, washing your hair with lukewarm water is recommended.

Heat styling

Although using straighteners, curlers, dryers, and other styling products on your hair makes you look fantastic, but the truth is they only harm it. One of the main frizzy hair reasons is heat styling equipment that damage your hair's cuticles and natural moisture barrier. It is advisable to avoid using heated styling products as much as possible and experimenting with original DIY hairstyles to style your hair. While periodically utilising heat styling tools, be careful to use the lowest temperature setting.

Over washing your hair

By shampooing your hair on a daily basis, you deplete it of the healthy organic oils it needs. There may not be a realistic requirement for washing your scalp more than a couple of times every week, considering the sort of hair you have. Through excessive washing, you disrupt the scalp's natural equilibrium.

You dry your hair with a rough towel

Your locks are going to soak up moisture from a harsh bath towel, leading to frizz. If you have curly locks, this tugging can also cause tangles and improperly positioned curls. Everything you ought to do is, utilise a towel made of microfiber to dry your hair rather than an ordinary one. This can help manage frizz and reduce harm to hair from excessive drying.

Your hair is damaged

The most common reason for frizzy hair is damage to the hair. Furthermore, the more time those split ends are in place, the more likely it is that their harm will extend up the hair shaft and worsen. What you should do is get regular haircuts at intervals of six to eight weeks in order to keep your hair feeling and looking its best. Additionally, apply hair oil or serum to the ends of your hair, for better results.

Quick Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair

Hot oil treatments

They assist in rehydrating hair. Oil should be warmed to a pleasant degree without becoming excessively hot. The oil needs to be massaged onto your scalp. For additional intense moisturising, you may drape your hair in a firm, warm towel or wear a bathing cap for 60 minutes. To get the oil out of your hair afterwards, wash it.


Mayonnaise acts as a conditioner and does the trick well. Your hair should be covered in mayonnaise and a cap for the shower for roughly 60 minutes.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar adds gloss and eliminates accumulation of oil brought on by cleansers and heat styling products. Home hair rinsing is an option.


Important fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals thrive in avocado. Avocados also assist in bringing back the lustre to your hair. Using an egg and ripe, pureed avocado, you can make a paste out of it. This can be applied to hair that is wet and left in for twenty minutes before shampooing. Wash your hair later.


Teas give hair shine when they are used as a hair rinse. Once you've completed your typical shampoo routine, you may utilise just brewed tea without sugar as a final wash. To acquire what you want impacts, you might sip black tea or chamomile tea.

Coconut Oil Treatment

The oil from coconuts is amazing on thick, dense hair as well as on broken hair. After soaking your hair with water, you can apply the oil to it. Wash your hair later.

With the help of the above-mentioned remedies on how to get rid of frizzy hair you can use the right shampoo for frizzy hair. The Pantene 2 IN 1 Shampoo + Conditioner range comes with the pro-vitamin formula that helps to retain moisture, gives you the benefit of two products in one and also helps to keep your hair frizz free.