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  • Pantene Oil Replacement

    Pantene Oil Replacement gives you 5 benefits in 1 to nourish the lengths of your hair.

    • Nourishment to the lengths for soft, smooth hair
    • Un-frizzes hair even when the weather goes bad
    • De-tangles the toughest hair knots to reduce hair fall
    • Protection from hair styling damage
    • All day pleasant fragrance

    Usage Occasions:

    • As a replacement to Oil: Apply it like an oil and rinse out after 30 minutes. Hair nourishment that’s non-sticky & hassle-free!
    • A serum on damp hair: Apply a walnut sized amount after a shower & enjoy frizz-free fragrant hair all day long
    • Protection before blow-drying or styling hair: A walnut sized amount applied on damp hair acts as a protective layer to minimize the damage from your hair styling equipment
    • A pre-wash detangler: Tame the toughest knots & keep the hair fall at bay! Just rub a walnut sized amount through your hair lengths 10 minutes before a shower and watch magic unfold.
    • A quick and easy hair conditioner: A no-rinse leave-in hair conditioner that keeps your hair soft & smooth, so you can save time and look great!

    And all it takes is three easy steps:

    • Take a walnut sized dollop of cream
    • Rub on your palms
    • Run through the lengths of your damp or dry hair, as per requirement

    You’re left with gorgeous hair that can withstand any turbulence the day throws at your locks!