Winter is setting in! The turn of the season is a respite from the harshness of Indian summer. It’s time to pull out your woolens, enjoy the freedom of stepping outside without worrying about sun damage and cherish a cup of hot chocolate with friends! But along with these positive parts of winter wonderland, there are a few negatives. The itchy dryness, frizz and breakage that your hair has to endure gives ‘bad hair day’ a new meaning!

Winter Haircare

Winter can be ruthless on your tresses if you don’t take good care of them. The biggest task is to help them retain moisture and nourishment the weather sucks out of them. Don’t you worry, these problems that can be avoided with ease as long as you have the right hair care routine for winter! Find tips for healthy hair suggested by experts at Pantene India.

1. Deep conditioning

Adding moisture and nourishment back into your hair should be your main goal. After every hair wash, make sure you’re taking those extra minutes to condition them thoroughly. Using a walnut sized amount of Pantene Oil Replacement and massaging it across the length of your hair locks in the natural oils. Its Pro-V formula makes hair 2X stronger, reducing hairfall, breakages, split ends and smoothening the strands. Understand more haircare benefits of Oil Replacement offered by Pantene India.

Haircare by Regular Trimming

2. Go natural

Bid your blow-dryer farewell! Air drying your hair in winters is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But, trust us, having unhealthy dry hair is not worth it! Take a break from heat styling, you can patch up with them next summer!

Hair Conditioning Benefits

3. Balanced diet

What we eat affects our hair health in a major way! It’s not just the products we use on the outside that matter, but also the food we put inside our body. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is bound to result in healthier hair. Cutting out fatty foods and fizzy drinks helps purify your blood, promoting hair strength.

Haircare by Oil Massages

4. Keep it covered

The arid and dry winter air can take a real toll on your hair. You thought summer was bad? Winter makes your hair brittle and scalp flaky. Save yourself the trouble, keep them covered under a fashionable beanie or woolen scarf!
Afraid of hair breakage during winter? Use Pantene’s Hairfall Control haircare products and be rest assured of stronger hair in 14 days!

Air Drying Wet Hair