Do I need to use conditioner every time I shampoo my hair?

While shampoo does its job of cleansing your hair and getting all the nasty things out of it, it wouldn’t be the sole product that your hair needs. Just like our skin care routine, moisturization post cleansing is an equally important step even when it comes to hair care. That’s where the conditioner steps in.

Benefits of using a conditioner-

#1 Hello Nourished Hair

Conditioners are known to restore the moisture of your hair by hydrating your follicles leading to strong and healthy hair. They carry essential nourishment and growth proteins to your hair shaft and seal the cuticle against further damage resulting in healthy and nourished hair.
Hair Conditioner & Hair Nourishment

#2 Goodbye Dull Hair

Conditioners help improve the texture and appearance of your hair. Conditioners consists of ingredients such as oils and anti-frizz agents that enhance the overall look of your hair by adding luster and shine to your hair. Skipping conditioner leaves strands of hair looking dull and dry.
Hair Conditioning repairs dull hair

#3 No More Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is one problem that nobody wants but everyone has. Using a conditioner helps your hair get all the essential nutrients that your hair needs. The conditioner works as a repair mechanism which not just repairs your hair but also strengthens it further preventing it from breakage.
Norish hair to avoid breakage

#4 Super Soft Hair

Each time you condition your hair, conditioning agents smoothen the cuticle, providing soft hair that looks healthy. Soft and supple hair looks good on every hair type.
Hair conditioning for softer hair

Use a conditioner that strengthens your hair and one that isn’t very harsh. The Pantene Pro-V conditioner helps serve this exact purpose and keeps your hair healthy looking and feeling good after every use. The Pantene Pro-V conditioner has been awarded by Vogue India as the best conditioner for normal hair. Your hair needs such a conditioner. Give your hair the love it rightfully deserves!

It’s time to stop over looking this game changer and start including it in every hair wash routine for strong and shiny hair!