We’ve all heard that iron is an important mineral and a must-have in our diet but ever wondered why? Here’s an answer to that question.

Iron Rich Diet for Hair

Iron produces hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen for the growth and repair of cells and these cells induce hair growth. In short, Iron=Hemoglobin=Rejuvenated Cells= Healthy hair.

But what happens when there’s an iron deficiency? If your body is iron deficient, no hemoglobin will be produced resulting in massive hair fall. And here’s how you can charge your hair with the goodness of iron and bid goodbye to hair fall. The most basic yet effective way to deal with this deficiency is to consume iron-rich food. Understand how nutritious diet improves hair health by experts at Pantene India.

Here's how you can prevent hair fall and iron deficiency through these iron-rich foods -


Red meat is not only rich in iron but also gets easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, there is more oxygen supply to the hair cells and the scalp, making blood circulation easy and hair growth instantaneous.

Red Meat for Hair Growth


Popeye’s secret to his strength is Spinach! Include spinach in your diet and give your hair that awesome sauce strength. It is extremely rich in iron and biotin. These are the two elements that are crucial when it comes to hair growth. Including an adequate amount of spinach in your diet will immensely benefit your hair growth cycle.

Spinach for Healthy Hair


Lentils are loaded with iron and zinc. They are also full of folic acids that help restore the health of red blood cells and supply much-needed oxygen to the scalp leading to hair growth.

Lentils for Strong Hair


Nuts are naturally rich in iron and vitamins. They not only help in the production of oxygen but also help in it being absorbed.

Dried Fruits for Silky Hair


Paneer’s vegan sister, tofu is a great source of iron. The soy-based food is also rich in calcium & several minerals that not just benefit your hair but also your body.

Tofu in Diet for Haircare


Along with iron-rich food, include citrusy fruits, guavas and strawberries and tomatoes in your diet so that the iron in the consumed food is absorbed, and oxygen is flowing for hair nourishment. Learn hair growth benefits of Vitamins explained by experts at Pantene India.

Vitamic C for Haircare

While you’re consuming iron-rich food and food that’s loaded with Vitamin C, it’s essential to make some other changes in your lifestyle. Use Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo & Conditioner to strengthen your hair even more. By Pantene’s Hair Fall Control haircare product range one can be assured of healthier hair in 14 days! Its Pro-Vitamin Formula nourishes your hair and helps in reducing hair fall. You go Iron-Woman! Now show off that strong hair with Pantene!