Excessive Hair Fall

If you find strands of hair as you brush or comb through your hair, then don’t fret. Hair fall is a part of the natural hair growth cycle. Losing a few strands like 50-100 a day is considered normal. Instead, it’s only when old hair falls out that new hair grows in the follicle. The new hair pushes the old hair out. It’s like the milk to permanent teeth transition that we go through as toddlers, where the milk teeth fall out for new ones to set in, except in the case of our hair, the cycle is continuously repeated.

So, hair fall is truly a problem when you lose 100-200 strands a day. You may find patches of hair on your brush. Your comb may collect a whole chunk of your hair as you try and de-tangle it. You may face hair breakage and split ends.

Hair fall is caused by certain factors. It’s either one or all that may affect you and your hair growth. Figure out what triggers hair fall and make amends to prevent it.


Stress is like poison for your hair. Under stress, as the hormone cortisol is released, your hair prematurely reaches the end of its cycle, causing it to fall out.

Stress & Hair Fall

Tip: Meditating, good thoughts, good diet, all can help maintain stress levels, and in turn, hair fall.

Learn more tips to avoid stress & hair fall for healthier hair.



Like your body your hair is dependent on you for its daily nutrition. An unhealthy diet that is protein or vitamin deficient leads to premature hair fall.

Diet to reduce hair fall

Tip: Include food rich in protein, vitamins, iron, etc. in your diet to ensure treatment of hair breakage and split ends. Good food ensures the nutrition flows from the roots till tips of your hair.



Heat may help you tame your hair but also cause breakage.

Oil nourishment for hair fall control

Tip: Make sure to always use a heat protectant like Pantene Oil Replacement when styling your hair with heat styling hair appliances. Learn about haircare benefits of oil replacement serum offered by Pantene.



Medical reasons that may cause hair fall range from postpartum depression, hypothyroidism, Alopecia areata, etc.

Physical Fitness & Hair Fall

Tip: If you suffer from hair loss due to medical reasons, consult a doctor to diagnose and get the necessary treatment.

#5 AGE

Your age is a crucial factor that determines the level of hair fall. On an average, men and women start facing severe hair loss as they reach the ripe age of 60.

Hair Fall due to old age

Tip: Maintain healthy hair early on to prolong the growth cycle of your hair even after you grow old.

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Your hair should be treated like a child – nourish and take care of it to ensure it grows healthy and strong.