Pantene Pro-V:Proven By Science

Pantene Pro-V: Proven by Science

The key behind the efficacy of all Pantene products lies in Pro-Vitamin B5, otherwise known as Panthenol, which has been found to remarkably improve hair health, strength and elasticity. Studies have revealed that Pro-Vitamins penetrate deep into the cortex of each hair strand. The two ingredients that make-up Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin complex - Panthenol and Panthenyl Ethyl Ether - are carefully coupled in the formulation to restore health and shine from within.

Pantene’s Pro-V collections now have various formulations, each tailored and optimized to address specific hair needs. The result is nourished, beautiful, shiny hair

Because only with health can beauty last.



The Pro-V compound disperses in water and spreads through the shampoo lather as small molecular structures.


As the hair becomes wet and swells, the cuticles become more porous, allowing water to enter easily. At this stage, the water-soluble polymers in the shampoo help deliver Pro-V to the hair strand.


Diffusion of the Pro-V molecules occurs, as the Pro-V moves from the exterior of the hair into the inner core of the hair.


Pro-V is thus delivered deep into the hair shaft, reaching the core and helping to nourish the hair from within.